Thank you for believing in our work! | 401Gives

In an impressive and record-setting show of support, current and first-time Boys Town supporters came through in a big way on the state of Rhode Island’s 401 Gives Day April 1st, as their donations and participation increased by over 300% in each category. When the final numbers were counted Boys Town New England raised $29, 715 dollars. That figure represents a 314% increase from the previous high cash total on 401 Gives Day of $7,163 set in in 2020. Participation was just as impressive as 362 unique donors made gifts to Boys Town. That total eclipses the previous high of 76 donors established last year and represents an astounding increase of 375%.

 “The outpouring of support on 401 Gives Day is truly amazing,” Director of Fundraising Glenn Hofmann said. “ Whether it be individuals who have given in the past to Boys Town or the 233 first-time donors who gave, the support will help us to continue to operate and improve our programming, all with the goal of giving the boys, girls and families we work with a better life experience.”

Of the 501 non-profit organizations in the state of Rhode Island, Boys Town New England received support from the most unique donors in the large non-profit category and was second among all non-profits in the state.