Pares Got Your Back 2023

It's once again back- to- school time across the nation and for kids in the Boys Town foster programs and those living on the Bazarsky Portsmouth Campus, a surprise was waiting for them. Thanks to continued support and investment from the Pare Corporation of Lincoln, Rhode Island, 52 backpacks filled with school supplies for elementary, middle and high school students were donated again this year.

“We want to give foster families and children living at the Boys Town Portsmouth Campus a head start by offering them backpacks filled with school supplies to encourage a love of learning, and maybe even inspire a future engineer or scientist," said Pare Employee, Sarah Pierce.

The backpacks were filled with supplies including notebooks, markers, pens, pencils, paper, erasers and even tissues.

“Pare continues to be such a dedicated partner to Boys Town and our mission of improving kids lives," Director of Development, Glenn Hofmann said. “From the start of school through the holidays, Pare is always thinking of ways to make our kids' experiences even more valuable and enjoyable. On behalf of all of us at Boys Town, I can't thank the employees of Pare enough."

The Pare Corporation was founded in 1970 and is a trusted engineering partner to federal, state, and municipal governments, architects, designers, construction companies, and owner/developer teams throughout the Eastern United States.

Boys Town plans to host Pare employees for a cookout with Family Home and foster ids on the Bazarsky Campus in October. ​