Business Leaders Inspire Kids to Achieve and Believe

In October, Kathy Wiley (Revens, Revens, St. Pierre and Wylie), and Melvin Weasley (MVP Marketing Results) joined our kids for dinner on our Bazarsky Portsmouth Campus. What made this dinner extra special is that Kathy and Melvin are area business leaders who shared their personal background and lessons learned to teach and inspire our kids on possible career choices.

The dinner proved mutually inspirational. “Thank you so much for the honor of participating,” Kathy said. “The kids had such pertinent and thought-provoking questions. I left feeling so inspired and grateful to have been able to share my story.”

"I genuinely had a great time talking to the kids at Boys Town New England,” added Melvin. “Even though these children have faced tough times in their young lives, they all have real authentic value. I love how the Boys Town staff supports them with time, structure, resources and encouragement to help them recognize their true worth and reach their full potential. I can't wait to visit again and play some basketball with them!"

This event was so successful that we have made Business Leader Dinners a regular occurrence on campus. In January, we welcomed Dustin Brown (Primerica Financial Services) and Matt Espeut (Fit Body Boot Camp) who shared their philosophies and experiences in achieving their personal and professional successes.

Despite facing obstacles, adversity, and disappointment, Matt told the kids that he gets up every morning telling himself he can make it. He lives by the “law of attraction,” which dictates that if you believe in something, and never give up your pursuit, you’ll achieve your goal. A fitness, health and wellness entrepreneur, author, motivational speaker and philanthropist, Matt has a strong and influential presence in Rhode Island. kids were so motivated by him that they all participated in one of his signature workouts.

“I was very impressed with everyone's manners.  That was what stood out to me most,” Dustin explained. “Matt and I both said to each other the moment we walked out, wow that place is awesome and how lucky those kids are to have a home like that.”

Boys Town New England Development Director Glenn Hofmann was thrilled to have these exceptional professionals share their time and talents with our kids. “On behalf of Boys Town, I can’t thank Kathy, Melvin, Dustin and Matt enough for spending time in our Family Homes to share their personal and professional backgrounds with our kids and staff. They all come from different backgrounds but the messages they communicated to our kids no doubt will be impactful for many years to come.”

If you are interested in being a part of a future Business Leaders Dinner on our Bazarsky Campus,  please email our Development Director, Glenn Hofmann.