Boys Town New England Helps Previously Separated Siblings Find Their Forever Family

The ability to keep siblings together, whenever possible, is always a goal when it comes to youth being placed in foster care. For Libby and Scott, Boys Town New England found a way.

Libby is an autistic, non-verbal youth who was admitted into the Boys Town Family Home program approximately four years ago. She came into our care due to reported abuse and neglect by her birth family.

Libby's brother, Scott, lived in a foster home, but was preparing to be moved after that family announced they would be moving out of state.

Seeing an opportunity to reunite Libby and Scott, Boys Town New England immediately advocated for Scott to move into the same house with Libby on our campus in Portsmouth, RI. That way the siblings could be in each other's lives while waiting to learn what was next for them.

Scott's move was approved, and he and Libby were reunited. Boys Town staff cared for the two and saw how much they enjoyed being together. They both thrived under the new arrangement. However, they had no interaction with their parents. Boys Town New England became their new family.

Approximately six months ago, Adoption Rhode Island called with great news – they had found family members from the maternal side who had never met Libby or Scott. After hearing the brother and sister were in need of a forever family, they immediately expressed interest in wanting to be just that for them.

The family members went through extensive training and observed the care Libby required in order to communicate and thrive. They fulfilled all the necessary requirements in order to officially become the forever family that could care and love for Libby and Scott. It was just what the children needed.

Just over a month ago, after over four years of Boys Town care, Libby and Scott were able to move into their new home – together! They finally found their forever family.​