Boys Town Common Sense Parenting Making a Positive Difference in New England Homes

Boys Town New England recently completed its first in-person Common Sense Parenting (CSP) class since the start of the pandemic over two years ago.  Taught by Olivia Gaudineer, Boys Town New England's Director of Community Support Services, the six-session, once-per-week class was held at His Providence Church in Swansea, Massachusetts.  The class was for parents or caregivers of school-aged children and taught easy-to-learn parenting techniques to address issues of communication, discipline, decision-making, relationships, self-control and school success.

The course was held in an intimate, small-class setting.  Parents were eager to communicate each week how they were able to build on their parenting skills and become more confident in raising their children. Course participants expressed they liked the engaging group atmosphere of sharing stories.

“It was heartwarming hearing examples of how parents put new skills they'd learned into practice in their homes," Olivia stated. 

One success story involved a mother of a teenage daughter putting into practice a new skill she learned during the Teaching Self-Control session, which taught coping strategies for both parent and child to calm down.  “When an argument ensued, talking about issues with her daughter, the two separated and occupied space in different areas of the house to allow for calm down time," Olivia said. “After stepping back and taking some deep breaths they were able to regroup, sit together and work through the matter."

The CSP program is research-proven and based on the Boys Town Model® that focuses on delivering effective strategies, consistent structure and lasting, positive results. 

“You helped me to see another way to instruct and teach my son.  The course gave me clear, concise, concrete ideas and principles to implement in my home," remarked one class member.  Another attendee said, “I found the course extremely helpful and valuable, and I am seeing definite changes in my parenting and my child's responses."

Boys Town New England recently received a grant from the Yawkey Foundation which enables us to collaborate with schools, churches and other community support agencies throughout Bristol County to help the community with parenting. 

Interested in bringing a Common Sense Parenting class to your area?  Please contact Olivia Gaudineer at 401-214-4960 or​