A Cheerleader, On and Off the Field

Jasmine always wanted to be a cheerleader. With an infectious and outgoing personality, it makes sense she made the cheer squad. But it is what you don't know about Jasmine's past that makes her achievement even more impressive.

Jasmine came to Boys Town after having a very troubled childhood. She bounced from home to home as her mother suffered from drug addiction. She was in a psychiatric hospital for six months prior to arriving at the Bazarsky campus. Sadly, Jasmine tried to kill herself three times. She had lost all faith in herself.

The transformation of Jasmine over the last year is truly inspirational.

“My first month at Boys Town was really bad," she said. “I had the opportunity to meet with Sarah (Galvan) and Marcy (Shyllon) and with other support people. After a while, the people here made me feel safe and I began to trust people."

Jasmine was able to find help and healing from the Boys Town staff.

“Jasmine really takes advantage of everything we offer here at Boys Town, and she consistently expresses her gratitude for being here," Marcy said. “She wants to reach her goals and really fills her days with positive things. She is a person who gets things done."

Now a sophomore at Portsmouth High School, Jasmine says the school offered her a chance to use her positive energy. She said she relates to the crowds at athletic events and says she cheers because it makes her happy and gives her faith she can be something better in the world.

Jasmine has become a leader among her friends.

“In the house I live in, I try to help people and support them," she said. “When I was younger, I didn't have support. I try to help people build relationships and get through their problems. I want to tell people my story in order to help them."

Jasmine says another lifelong dream of hers is to become a registered nurse. If it's anything like her dream of being a cheerleader, odds are she will reach this goal as well.​