TV Star Trent Garrett Empowers North Las Vegas Students with Positivity and Self-Praise

Boys Town Nevada is partnering with actor Trent Garrett who is a friend of Boys Town and, notably, played a dad on the Disney show Andi Mack. Trent is visiting classrooms around the country to talk to students about the power of praise and positive self-talk. In Las Vegas, he spoke to fifth graders at Cozine Elementary School about praise and how it can benefit themselves and others.

Boys Town education experts and UNLV post-doctorate students assisted Trent with developing the lesson plan. And then they all helped the students make bracelets – or “praise-lets” – that can help remind them to use praise with themselves and others often throughout the day.

The lesson was aimed at teaching students how praise and positive self-talk can make a difference in their lives and with others. Boys Town research shows that praise in school and at home can increase positive behaviors and improve outcomes and success for youth. Trent is working to spread the word to students so they can help spread love by using praise with themselves and others.

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You, too, can #TeachLove and incorporate the power of praise in your home and classroom. Find free praise resources for teachers and parents.

About Lift with Boys Town

In 2014, Boys Town began partnering with high-needs schools in Las Vegas to strengthen the families of struggling students. Encouraged by the early outcomes, including better attendance and improved parent engagement at school, The Latin Chamber of Commerce, local philanthropists and several school principals called on Boys Town Nevada to expand and enhance these partnerships. Fully implemented in the 2018-2019 school year, Lift with Boys Town incorporates parent-training classes, in-home family consulting, case management, behavioral health services and professional development for educators.