Cox Charities Community Investment Grant Bolsters Family Homes Program, Empowering Employee-Selected Initiatives

In a demonstration of community engagement and social responsibility, Cox Charities has exemplified its commitment to positive change through its Community Investment Grant program. Cox entrusted its employees with the responsibility of selecting grant recipients aligned with the organization's goals. Their employees chose Boys Town Louisiana's Family Homes program as a recipient of its Community Investment Grant following a rigorous selection process. 

The grant provided by Cox Charities allows Boys Town Louisiana to ensure that even more vulnerable children benefit from nurturing and supportive family home environments that provide them with social skills training for a bright future. 

Cox Charities Community Investment Grant is a model for how businesses can create meaningful and lasting change within their communities. By entrusting their employees to identify and select grant recipients that align with shared values, companies can channel their resources effectively, fostering a sense of purpose and unity among their workforce while positively impacting society. 

Boys Town Louisiana's Family Homes program continues to thrive with the support of Cox Charities and its dedicated employees; this partnership is a testament to the potential influence of employee-driven corporate philanthropy and community investment.