Boys Town Louisiana Successful Futures

Within the safety, comfort and stability of their Family Homes®, Boys Town youth Ashton and Tremaine had the opportunity to explore internships with Gootee Construction, Youth Rebuilding New Orleans and the New Orleans Video and Camera programs. When out of school, they gained real-world experiences that will help shape them into adults after they leave Boys Town's Family Home program. 

While construction and TV journalism may be the right fit for them, we recognize that a successful future for one youth may look different than another.

At Boys Town, we encourage youth to explore careers that match their strengths and passions. To do so, we connect with local community partners to provide mentorship and skills training in a variety of industries. This fall, we are launching Boys Town's Successful Futures program in Louisiana to connect workforce development and career readiness opportunities to Boys Town youth and parents. We are asking you to help shape Successful Futures for Boys Town youth by making a monthly gift of $25. 

As adults, we all know success is not linear. And as parents, we have witnessed our own kids' growing pains to becoming independent adults, struggling with new responsibilities like paying their first bills or finding their first apartment.

Here's What Your Gift Can Do ​​​​​

  • $25 creates continuous support for program participants 
  • $30 sends a student to a career exploration class 
  • $50 pays for public transportation for youth to commute to their jobs
  • $75 pays for a work uniform and shoes for an internship
  • $100 pays for one-on-one career coaching for participant​s
  • $250 pays for a week of lost wages during hurricane evacuation or work closures
  • $500 pays for financial assistance for vocational program enrollment 
  • $1,000 offers a 6-month program incentive to participants  

Your consistent, generous support shows our youth that even when times are tough, our community is there to encourage and help them succeed. 

Thank you for being our partner! 


Rashain Carriere Williams

Executive Director