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Boys Town Louisiana partners with candle company Wicks NOLA

Boys Town Louisiana partners with candle company Wicks NOLA

Boys Town Louisiana, an organization that has been saving children and healing families in our community since 1989, is proud to announce that we have partnered with luxury candle company, Wicks NOLA, to offer a custom-made scented candle that promotes healthy children and families. All proceeds from the sale of these candles, along with sales from a linen spray and candle gift box sets, will benefit Boys Town Louisiana's Family Homes and In-Home Family Service programs. Last year alone, Boys Town served nearly 1,000 Louisiana children in need.

New Orleans is recognized for being a close-knit community with a strong support system and resilience in the face of a challenge. The phrase, “How yo' mama an em?" is a friendly way to inquire about loved ones to ensure that they are all doing well and is the perfect name for a candle that benefits Boys Town with its history of caring for youth and families.

This multi-colored, tri-scented candle was designed exclusively for Boys Town Louisiana with the assistance of girls, ages 12-18, in our Family Home Program, as part of an entrepreneurial training project. They chose the colors and the scents that reminded them of family.

The top blue layer represents the peace and harmony of sharing meals and tradition. Upon lighting your candle, the smell of Black Currant will improve your family's mood and reduce anxiety. The middle white layer represents the purity and innocence of unconditional family love. The scent of Sea Salt and Orchids will create a calming and tranquil effect in your home. The yellow bottom layer represents the joy and optimism of overcoming challenges to rebuild and recover together. The notes of Watermelon and Lemon will revitalize your whole family and make y'all feel refreshed and rejuvenated, like a cool drink on a hot, humid day.

Remember, the next time you greet your neighbor, ask them, “How yo' mama and em?"!

Your candle purchase is a direct donation to Boys Town Louisiana! Our thanks and heartfelt appreciation for supporting our mission.​