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Community Partnership Provides Quilts to Boys Town North Florida

Stitch n Time

For youth who come to Boys Town, the transition into a new situation can be daunting. Creating a comfortable environment for these kids when they arrive is essential, which is why Boys Town North Florida decided to revive a long standing tradition to make the youth feel a little more welcome.

Boys Town North Florida began partnering with the Stitch-N-Time program at the Leon County Detention Facility in Tallahassee to provide quilts to kids when they first enter into Boys Town's care. The site received its first 39 quilts and 34 school bags on January 26, 2017 from the Stitch-N-Time program.

Stitch-N-Time is a program that teaches its members all parts of the sewing process. Through learning these skills the individuals also learn how to work as a team, acquire new skills, and give back to their community. This program will be providing Boys Town North Florida with more quilts every 3 months so the site can continually provide them to children in all their programs. 

"Stitch-n-Time is one of the premier trusty programs in the State of Florida," said Officer Guy, who oversees the program. "The program enables the trust to do their time in a rehabilitated environment while contributing to the community."

Quilting has been an important part of the Boys Town mission and story for many years. It began in 1918 when Father Edward Flanagan's mother Honora organized the first Mothers Guild meeting, where each week volunteers would gather to create quilts and sew clothing for the boys. Throughout the 1920's, you could find a lovingly stitched quilt on each and every bed in the Home.

"Due to the history of the Mother's Guild in Omaha, we were excited to be able to give our youth the same opportunity and carry on the tradition here in North Florida by giving each of our campus youth a quilt," said Lindsey McDole, Executive Assistant for Boys Town North Florida.

By upholding a time-honored tradition, Boys Town North Florida is able to make the youths' situations a little less scary while maintaining a mutually beneficial partnership with the Leon County Detention Facility.

Thanks to Stitch-N-Time Boys Town North Florida youth can curl up in their quilts after a long day, relax, and be thankful for the opportunities that Boys Town North Florida is providing for them.