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Mom Finds Solutions to Daughters’ Medical, School Challenges with Boys Town New England’s Help

Thanks to Boys Town New England, Ana and her four girls have much more to smile about today.

A single mom, Ana was doing everything she could to care for her four daughters while dealing with her own serious medical problems and those of two of her kids.

But when those problems led to chronic absenteeism for the four girls at their school, the family's plight came to the attention of Boys Town New England. Soon, Eli Escrogin, Director of the site's Community Support Services, was visiting Ana and her girls – Ciara and Tiffany, both 7, Jade, 8, and Kenya, 13 – regularly in their home to work on a plan to meet their challenges.

Eli found that Ana was feeling overwhelmed by pressure and anxiety. There were many days when she simply chose to keep her daughters home from school because she felt powerless and fearful about their ability to manage school and their medical conditions.

Eli was determined to help Ana find some relief, and started to look for ways the girls' medical conditions could be assessed and managed so they could live normal lives. Working as a partner with Ana and school staff, Eli was able to connect with medical providers who could treat the girls and resolve many of their issues. The school also contributed, meeting the family where they were and developing improved Individualized Education Plans (IEPs) for the girls to address their current needs. 

Meanwhile, Eli used elements of the Boys Town Model® to empower Ana as a mom and a parent and establish structure, rules and consistency in the home. These changes would help the girls improve their behaviors, complete their homework and be better prepared to succeed in school. 

As a result of this team effort, the school reported that Ana's girls were attending school consistently and the concern about their frequent absenteeism had been resolved. Ana said Jade, the daughter she struggled most with, had become "a completely different person" with Eli's support. Ana was so happy with how Boys Town New England had helped and supported her that she asked the site to provide services for her brother and his family, who also were struggling with some issues. Boys Town New England accepted the referral and is currently working with that family.

Ana's journey from feeling anxiety over her daughters' absenteeism and the family's medical problems to becoming a more confident and capable mom and caregiver was not an easy one. But Ana's determination, and Boys Town's guidance and support, have put her and her kids on a happier, healthier path.