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Boys Town New England Couples’ Compassion Ensures that Siblings Grow Up Together

Siblings Shayna, Aryanne and Bryan (left to right) were adopted by two different couples but are growing up together.

​​When two couples – Candida Tavarez and Carlos Aquino, and Chelsea Guevremont and Mario Rosario Jr. – decided to become Boys Town New England Foster Parents several years ago, they had no way of knowing three siblings would one day bring them together as families and friends.

The story of how the siblings – Bryan, Aryanne and Shayna – found their way into the homes and hearts of the couples began in August 2013. Bryan and Aryanne, then 4-year-old twins, and their 18-month-old sister, Shayna, had been removed from their home and needed a safe place to live.

Both Candida and Carlos and Chelsea and Mario were contacted by Boys Town New England's Foster Family Services® program about accepting the children with the intent of keeping them together, if possible. But when it became clear that arrangement wouldn't work, a decision was made to do the next best thing: Bryan and Aryanne were placed with Candida and Carlos and Shayna went to live with Chelsea and Mario.

Both couples quickly realized that caring for the children was going to be a challenge because of the neglect all three had suffered. Bryan and Aryanne were extremely angry and lashed out by hitting others and trying to hurt themselves. Shayna had severe tantrums and nightmares.

As difficult as the task was, the couples resolved to do whatever it took to help the children heal and overcome the trauma they had experienced. Part of that commitment included preserving the bond between the siblings. So the families got together often for parties, playdates and sleepovers. As the relationships among the children grew stronger, so did the relationship between the two couples. Candida and Carlos and Chelsea and Mario continually supported each other and collaborated to help the children get better and thrive.

When it was determined the children would not be able to return to their own parents, both couples took the next big step for "their" kids. Candida and Carlos decided to adopt Bryan and Aryanne, and Chelsea and Mario decided to adopt Shayna.  

After a long, arduous process, adoption day finally arrived. On June 28, 2016, friends and relatives packed a courtroom to celebrate as both couples officially welcomed the siblings into their families.

After almost three years in foster care, Bryan, Aryanne and Shayna had not only found their forever families but also had been inseparably united.

Today, all three children are doing well, both socially and in school. Bryan and Aryanne enjoy playing on the same t-ball team while Shayna and Aryanne have taken a dance class together. The children and their parents also continue to have their family parties, playdates and sleepovers.

Two separate families, but forever joined by one inseparable bond.​​