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Aces for Boys Town New England


Boys Town New England was chosen by the International Tennis Hall of Fame as one of 10 local non-profits to receive donations from the "Aces for Rhode Island" initiative at their 2019 Hall of Fame Open.

"The opportunity to be a charity partner for the International Tennis Hall of Fame's 'Aces for Rhode Island' provides us incredible exposure at a nationally recognized tennis tournament. Not only does this give us the chance to spread awareness of the great work we do for local children and families, but it provides our youth a chance to get involved as well," said Amanda Baker, Development Director, Boys Town New England.

On July 16, two world-renowned tennis players, Zhang Ze and Gong Maoxin of China, visited the Boys Town New England campus and conducted a mini-clinic to teach our youth how to play tennis.

Boys Town Assistant-Family® Teacher, Amaury Tavarez, shared how one of the youth thought it was "awesome to learn a new sport from a professional athlete''. Which Amaury thought was incredible to hear from a child who normally doesn't like outdoor activities.

"This was a once-in-a-lifetime experience we could not have offered without the Hall of Fame's support," said Amanda. "It was wonderful to get our kids, none of whom have ever played or knew much about the sport, out of their comfort zone learning something new. After this experience it looks like we might have some budding tennis players here at Boys Town New England."

The youth who attended the mini-clinic were invited out to watch Zhang Ze and Gong Maoxin's second match on Thursday, July 18.

Every ace scored in the tennis tournament will result in raising funds for local non-profits, including Boys Town New England.  Aces for Rhode Island is a community initiative that uses the Open as a vehicle to raise funds to support important local causes.

The pledges start at a minimum of 5 cents per every ace served, with the option for the donors to give a higher amount. It is expected that there will be approximately 350 aces during the tournament. Those pledging can choose to have their funds from the aces go to their charity of choice from the ten participating non-profits, or have the contributions split equally among all of them.

The participating non-profits offer programs and services that align with the work of the International Tennis Hall of Fame, whether it's enhancing children's lives, promoting active/healthy lifestyles or education.

Boys Town New England extends a huge thank you to the International Tennis Hall of Fame for choosing us as one of your non-profits in the "Aces for Rhode Island" initiative this year. We appreciate the special experience that our youth got to partake in and your aid in helping us raise funds to continue saving children and healing families in the local community.