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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Boys Town New​ E​ngland ​does not receive enough money to completely fund its life-changing Family Home Program, a program that provides the stable home life so many of our children have been missing before they came to Boys Town.

They have come to us from the child welfare and juvenile​ justice systems, from chaotic family backgrounds and from places of great hopelessness and isolation. They are in great need of treatment and guidance. Many struggle with emotional and behavioral challenges. Some are failing in school. All can benefit from the unique, research-proven care Boys Town New England offers in a ​family setting.

In most cases, they have responded to Boys Town’s compassionate, effective approach to care and treatment by confronting their problems head-on, adopting better ways to solve them and them​selves to live as independent, productive adults.​

These children need a place where they can grow into good, contributing​​ members of society, ​not take away from it… a place like Boys Town New England’s Family Home program.

Your Generous Donation helps​ en​sure the boys in our care will have every opportunity to learn and grow during their time with us.

Our goals for this fundraising campaign are to

  • Maintain a healthy, happy and safe living environment​ for children ​residing in Family Homes on our Bazarsky Campus.
  • Provide children with opportunities to lea​rn and grow through extracurricular activities, outings and educational opportunities.
  • Guarantee children have basic necessities like food, clothing ​and personal care items.

Giving Opportunities to Support Boys Town New England Family Homes

We desperately need your help so we​ can continue to provide life-changing care to at-risk and troubled children from across the region.​

​Costs for One ​Family Home Serving​ Six Youth
​​ AnnuallyMonthlyMonthly Per Use
Meals Out$2,500$210$35
Personal Care (Haircuts, Toiletries)$1,650$135$25
Gifts (Holidays, Birthdays)$1,000$85$15​

With your support, we can save children and put them on a ​path to​ become ​productive citizens. Donate

Thank you for your consideration and for ​caring about kids who have nowhere else to​ ​turn.​​