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TV Personality Visits Boys Town

To viewers, Josh ​Temple is a popular TV personality who can build anything, fix anything, or flip any distressed property into a beautiful new home. To the residents of Boys Town, he’s just Josh: a kind-hearted and easy-going guy who has become a well-known face around Home Campus.

Temple’s connection to Boys Town started when he came to the Village to do a meet-and-greet with kids and staff in 2013. The experiences he gained at Boys Town resonated with him, creating a relationship that lasted long after he flew back home to Los Angeles. 

Since then, anytime Temple finds himself near Omaha, a visit to Boys Town is sure to follow. After last weekend’s appearance at the Omaha Home and Garden Expo, Temple visited one of Boys Town’s Family-Homes, where he ate dinner with the family, heard some of the children’s stories, and shared his own experiences and wisdom.

In addition to being a supporter of Boys Town, Temple has also taken a hands-on approach to spreading Boys Town’s mission. He has filmed a public service announcement promoting and the National Hotline and discussed how he can help create new opportunities for at-risk youth with Boys Town staff and donors. As Temple has said himself, “Boys Town is nothing less than a magical opportunity.”

Boys Town thanks Josh Temple for his passion of the people, history, and mission of Boys Town. Through his generosity and national exposure, Boys Town has been able to reach even more families across America.

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