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Parent Thanks Boys Town in a Big Way

Parents Thank Boys Town

Twelve years ago Theresa Cole and her family were facing challenging times, their seven year old son was angry and violent. They didn't know what to do.

The family made the difficult decision to remove their son from the home and place him in the care of the Boys Town Residential Treatment Program.

The family already had a small connection to Dennis Vollmer, Boys Town Residential Treatment Center Director, because his son and another one of the Cole family sons played football for Skutt Catholic High School.

"We had an extremely committed family dealing with a young man with severe behavior issues. By using the Boys Town model we were able to turn his behavior around significantly," said Dennis.

For eighteen months Boys Town worked closely with the Cole family and their son offering intensive therapy and counseling. 

"He has learned and adapted from the skills taught at Boys Town to become the successful young man that he is today," said Dennis.

Eventually their son returned home but the family kept a close connection with Boys Town and continued with therapy. Now their son is a high school graduate and is now working part-time and enrolled in an online university.

"I credit Boys Town with changing him to a happy adult with goals," said Theresa.  "Our family will forever be grateful to this organization that truly saves children and saved our family."

In the hopes of giving back to the organization that gave to Theresa and her family she applied for an employee grant on behalf of Boys Town through her place of employment, HM Insurance Group.

Boys Town graciously received the $5,000 grant on November 29th.