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Pacific Life Foundation Supports Services in South Omaha

Every year, the Pacific Life Foundation awards grants to nonprofit organizations across the nation for their work in helping to improve the quality of life for disadvantaged individuals, promoting leadership in young adults, providing education to the young and old, or providing cultural diversity through the arts. This year, out of roughly 300 organizations that included the Omaha Community Playhouse and CASA for Douglas County, Boys Town Nebraska was chosen as a grant recipient, receiving $10,000 for the South Omaha office.

In 2014, Boys Town Nebraska opened a new office in the South Omaha area, in order to expand their family services into local schools and homes. By having an office location in the South Omaha community, families are able to access Boys Town's programs and services. Staff members can go into the community to help keep families together and keep kids in school by offering parenting classes, in-home counseling and counseling in the schools, which is often the first place to see signs of struggling.

"In South Omaha, we are working directly in the homes and schools of youth to empower their parents and teachers and help these families overcome the challenges and barriers they face," said Boys Town Nebraska Executive Director, Dave Reed. "These are good kids and good parents and we are there to partner with them so they can gain the skills and community connections they need to live safe, healthy, productive lives."

Recently, a family participated in Care Coordination Services after the father came to the Boys Town South Omaha office seeking support services for his family. During the four months of working together, the Care Coordination Services Consultant was able to provide the necessary assistance for: day care, food stamps, health providers, tutoring for the kids and legal assistance, where the father was able to secure full custody of his kids. Without the help of the Care Coordination Services program, the children may not have received the help they needed for their academic success and the father may not have been able to keep his family together, safe in their home.

The South Omaha office served 338 families and 1,263 children in 2017 and with the help of the grant from Pacific Life Foundation, the program can continue to change the lives of many families. "The generous donation from Pacific Life will help ensure our staff can be there for these families whenever they need us," said Reed.