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Ollie's Mission: 9-Year-Old Youth Gives Back

In the words of ​Father Flanagan, there is no such thing as a bad boy. That said, there is such a thing as an extraordinary one, and Oliver Egr certainly fits the bill. This year, the 9-year-old raised funds to purchase toys and other comfort items for children in need for the second year in a row, an idea which was entirely his own.

Oliver, or Ollie, as he is called by friends and family, is suffering from a fatal disease called Batten’s Disease which has rendered him blind. Last winter, while out with his mother Susan, Ollie heard the ringing of Salvation Army bells. His curiosity was piqued, and he asked his mother about the fundraising effort. Right away, he decided he wanted to help by ringing a bell of his own, and managed to raise an amazing $6,000 in funds for the cause. His effort became known as “Ollie’s Mission”.

This year, a connection to Boys Town ® was made through one of the foster families, and Oliver was excited to have another go at his charity work. Using a ‘Go Fund Me’ page to accept additional donations this year, the drive was a tremendous success, doubling what was earned last year. Ollie’s family dropped the items off to the Boys Town Nebraska office on December 22nd.

For Boys Town Nebraska children, this was a dream come true. These donations let Boys Town Foster Family Services offer Christmas presents to children coming to Boys Town just before the holidays, as well as allowing them to stock up on gifts to use for future children entering the program.

Matthew Priest, Director of Boys Town Nebraska Foster Family Services, says that these collaborations with individuals within Nebraska communities are essential to the success of the mission: “Our foster homes are in the community, so having connections and support within the neighborhoods where our families live is what keeps our program growing.”

Both Priest and others have expressed what an inspiration it is to see a youth like Ollie feeling so inspired to give back, even in his own time of need. Boys Town is immensely grateful to Ollie and his family for their hard work and generous offering this holiday season!