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NRI Speaker Series Presents Dr. Blair Nov 1

James Blair headshot

​The Boys Town National Research Institute (NRI) Speaker Series invites you to their next speaker series, featuring Dr. James Blair, Director of Boys Town's Center for Neurobehavioral Research, on November 1, 2017.

Dr. Blair will be presenting "Maltreatment, the Brain, and the Boys Town Intervention: First-Year Discoveries of the Center for Neurobehavioral Research". The aim of his talk is to determine the extent to which we can identify markers of:

  • Healthy brain development
  • Atypical brain development (due to maltreatment or substance abuse or associated with a particular form of behavioral problem)
  • Improvements occurring in children at Boys Town through intervention.

Dr. Blair completed his PhD in 1993 at the Medical Research Council Cognitive Developmental Unit at University College London. He then went on to a post doc position there as a Wellcome Trust Mental Health fellow before joining the University College London Psychology Department in 1995. In 2002, he moved to the National Institute of Mental Health in Bethesda, Maryland, to become Chief of the new Section on Affective Cognition Neuroscience. While there he met with Dr. Brookhouser and Pat Connell who described the unique possibilities of Boys Town and the challenges faced by the youth there. Dr. Blair moved to Boys Town to become Director of the Center for Neurobehavioral Research in September 2016.


November 1, 2017


10:30 a.m. – Noon


 Boys Town National Headquarters Building - Auditorium
14100 Crawford St
Boys Town, NE  68010