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Nebraska Quarterback Visits Boys Town High School

Nebraska Quarterback Tommy Armstrong speaking to Boys Town

There is one thing that bonds all Nebraskans together: Husker football. That's why it was an honor to have Tommy Armstrong, University of Nebraska quarterback, come speak to the students about the impact of mentors, the value of education and the importance of taking advantage of opportunities.

Armstrong and his two siblings were raised by his single mother, who was his biggest influence growing up because of her incredible work ethic and immense support she provided. "She taught me to overcome adversity," Armstrong said. "My mentors encouraged me to stick with sports ... tune out distractions. It was not just football, but school in general. They helped me become the person that I am today and helped me become the leader that I am today."

Along with emphasizing the value of mentors, Armstrong also highlighted the value of education. School was a reality check for Armstrong and he knew he wouldn't be able to achieve anything on or off the field without an education. "Take advantage of your education and opportunities that school gives you. Don't just go to college for football, go to better yourself," said Armstrong.

After speaking, several students were able to ask questions and after the lunch period all students received a Tommy Armstrong signed photograph.

Armstrong's message resonated with the youth and mirrored the mission of Boys Town: Take advantage of education, value mentors and relationships with loved ones and work to be the best leader you can be. Seeing Tommy Armstrong thrive this season and hearing about how he has overcome adversity serves as motivation for the youth and employees at Boys Town alike.

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