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Helping foster parents and kids at Boys Town

Foster Parents and Boys Town

This article is written by WOWT 6 News. It was posted on on December 6, 2017.

Being a foster parent can be a challenge, but there are experts at Boys Town to help guide parents as they help children.

Sharon Schwartzkop has been a foster parent for several years. When she started out she wasn't sure she would measure up until she learned she wasn't alone. That's where Marcus Johnson comes in. His job is to provide guidance and support to Sharon whenever she needs it.

"I couldn't imagine not having support from Boys Town. I couldn't imagine doing it without the support," said Schwartzkop.

Marcus says Sharon is a natural. He said, "It's the spirit of service that she brings. It's a joy to work with her each and every day."

Sharon says foster parenting provides a lot of gratification;

"I think the biggest gratification that we get out foster parenting is – you're gonna make me emotional when I say this – is seeing the success of the children."

Marcus has been there supporting her all along the way. He was so impressed that he nominated her for the Foster Parents of the Year award and she won.

"I was ecstatic and I was trying to not cry so she wouldn't cry but that didn't work out," Marcus told 6 News.

"I basically eat breathe and sleep foster parenting and I love to do it," she said.

And if Sharon needs help when Marcus isn't available, Boys Town will make sure she gets the support she needs. Boys Town provides this service to over a hundred foster families at any given time.