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Boys Town unveils inclusive statue for 100th anniversary

New Statue

This story is written by Erin Hassanzadeh. It was posted on   June 6, 2017.

After 100 years of serving children and families, the vision of Boys Town is still shifting and adapting. The new bronze statue on its campus is a reflection of that change.

"Having a young lady appear on our statue is all part of that -- to reflect the fact that we serve children and family today at Boys Town," said Thomas Lynch, the Boys Town director of community programs.

"Boys Town is about families now and not just about boys," said Matthew Placzek, the statue artist.

Dozens, including Omaha Mayor Jean Stothert, attended Tuesday's reveal.

The statue was loosely inspired from a picture of two former Boys Town youth.

"We didn't want to make it just an exact portrait of two people but kind of the bond between all the children here at Boys Town," said Placzek.

"Boys Town means a lot to me. They've helped me since I've been here since the sixth grade. They helped me learn and grow a lot and made into the guy I am today," said Jason Landin, the Boys Town mayor.

The piece, titled- "The Work Continues," is 7 feet tall and was crafted in Omaha. It was cast in bronze in Colorado before returning to the Boys Town campus. The statue it replaced will now be in the Boys Town Hall of History. The public is encouraged to come see the new statue anytime.