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Boys Town Seniors Looking to Succeed

This article is written by Andrea Braswell. It was posted on on May 21, 2017.

Seniors smiled in their caps and gowns as they greeted family after receiving their diplomas.

Some say they are now looking towards the future.

"I'm excited to continue my studies in Criminal Justice and run track and cross country."

Many students say Boys Town helped lead them in the right direction.

"It's pretty incredible just like how far I've come since I first got here, and how much I've matured since I first got here."

Sadie Johnson is adopted, her mother says seeing her progression is heartwarming.

"I feel very proud of everything she has accomplished."

"She's heading to Wayne State for an art degree, she has earned scholarships and monetary awards."

These students were at risk before coming to Boys Town, staff says they are now heading down the right path.

"Our kids have overcome an awful lot and they come from all parts of the country."

"They are all at risk kids that have done their best and they are all taking the next step on their journey into life."

Some seniors call it bittersweet as they step into their future and have to part ways with close friends. 

"I got to know a lot of people and they've become my family and it will always be that way and always stay that way."