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Boys Town helps teen learn to love himself


Sara Lopez was having trouble with her 16-year-old son Miguel.

"He did not want to go to school, he did not listen to the school teachers or the school counselors." said Sara

That was until Sara went to Boys town for help, after that everything changed.

Miguel had perfect attendance at the Omaha Steet School and his grade-point average was over 3.0

"He learned to love himself, and because of that he was able to learn how to express his feelings," said Sara

"He was able to communicate what he was feeling to be able to make changes within himself."

Regina Costello, the Director of Community Support Services at Boys Town, says that they have several programs on their South Omaha campus.

"We have care coordination services this program provides assessments for families they come in usually referred by South high school or mars middle school and we do a screening process we talk to them about what their needs are"

Sara hopes Miguel's success story inspires others.

"There's a place that can help you when your having difficulty or problems with your kids"