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Running for Mayor, then First Place

Josh Reed

"When I run I just feel free. I'm in my own world. My mind is clear, everything that I worry about and all the problems from that day are behind me," said Josh Reed, Boys Town Mayor.

May was a month full of personal achievements for Josh Reed. First, on May 8 he was elected Boys Town's Mayor, which is an extremely honorable position to hold as the representative of Home Campus and the voice of the entire student body.

Then on May 27 at Boys Town National Research Hospital's annual Memorial Day Run Josh took first place in the 1-mile event. Father Boes, Boys Town President, presented Josh with an award to recognize his victory. This year's Memorial Day Run had more than 1,500 participants.

Josh is no stranger to pacing the pavement though. He is a captain on the Boys Town cross-country team and competes for the track team. Josh always enjoyed running as kid and would even try and get others to join in on some races with him. It wasn't until he came to Boys Town that he discovered running could be more than just something to do with his friends.

"I really started competitively running in 8th grade when I got to Boys Town. I joined the track team and based on how I did on the track team that year the cross country coach asked me to join his team as well," said Josh. "I never even heard of cross country so I gave it a shot. I made 4th and 5th man that year, went to state and fell in love with it."

Josh is not just active in his running shoes, he is also a member of the student council and a recipient of the Honorable Mention 2019 youth award. His new role as Mayor will keep him very busy in the following year. After graduation, he plans to go to college on a track scholarship to study criminal justice.

"It's easy to just put one foot in front of the other and just go," said Josh.

This statement from Josh is a great reminder for everyone. We must keep putting one foot in front of the other and keep going. It is our mission to keep going so we can continue saving lives, healing families and strengthening the community.

Join us in congratulating Josh in his successful month of May and wish him the best of luck in the upcoming year as our Mayor.

Thank you to those who sponsored, volunteered and participated in this year's Memorial Day Run; the event would not have been possible without everyone's gracious support.