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Robertsons Put Family First as Family-Teachers at Boys Town

Robertson Family

For Aaron and Kendal Robertson, the opportunity to become Family-Teachers® at Boys Town put them on a career track to not only help kids but also to help themselves.

"I became a Family-Teacher because I wanted to do something that made a lasting impact on someone else's life," Aaron said. "Many of the youth in our home had never done well in school or played on an organized sports team. Some of my proudest moments as a Family-Teacher have been watching them earn all A's and play in their first athletic competitions."

The Robertsons had just welcomed their first child before coming to Boys Town in 2012. The rewards and challenges of working with troubled youth in a Boys Town Family Home have only been enhanced by the joy of raising their own kids.

"I was a new father when my wife and I became Family-Teachers," Aaron said. "The things that were important to me changed when my son was born. I wanted to be around for my son (and now a daughter, as well) as much as I could. Going to work for 60 to 70 hours a week away from the home was too difficult of a sacrifice for me. Choosing to be Family-Teachers allowed my wife and I to be with our own children each day of their pre-school years. Raising our children at Boys Town has given them the opportunity to practice the same social skills we teach to the youth. My own children learned how to follow instructions, accept decisions and greet others by watching our interactions with the Boys Town youth."

For Kendal, being a Family-Teacher let her do two things she loves.

"I have always enjoyed working," Kendal said. "But I also love being a mom. Being a Family-Teacher has let me do both. Family-Teaching was a job that allowed me to have a sense of purpose while investing in my own children. One of the greatest parts of being a Family-Teaching Couple is that not only did I get to be with my children full-time, so did my husband. In our world today, that's a rarity."

After nearly six years as Family-Teachers, the Robertsons recently accepted a new position as Boys Town's Campus Ministry Couple for Chambers Chapel, the Protestant church on home campus. Like Aaron and Kendal, many Family-Teachers move on to administrative or other support positions at Boys Town when they decide to leave the Family Home Program.   

Aaron said the opportunity for him and Kendal to continue a career at Boys Town would have never been possible without their experience as Family-Teachers.

"Faith in God is very important in our family," he said. "I am so grateful that Boys Town supported our desire to live out our faith with the youth in our home. Most of the young men that came into our home believed in God, but some were not sure what practicing faith was about. Kendal and I encouraged the boys to ask questions about God, church and prayer. We have experienced family sickness, personal victories and even death. It was always our desire to point the guys back to God during these life experiences. Our faith has allowed us to share in both celebrations and grief – and praying together."

At Boys Town, being a Family-Teacher is not just a job, it's a lifestyle.

Perhaps Kendal summed up the experience best.

"There is nothing magical about what we do," she said. "We believe we love through action and words, something as simple as saying, 'Good morning' or 'How was your day?' can be life-changing. Maybe no one has ever said those things on a consistent basis to the boys in the past -- and we say them every day."

If you're looking to make a career change that will make a real lasting difference, contact us today!

Boys Town is currently looking for qualified candidates to work with troubled youth as Family-Teachers on our Nebraska campus. For more information, contact Amy Kistaitis at 531-355-3299 or