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Local High School sees Decrease in Office Referrals following Boys Town Training

Meet Our Trainers

For over three decades Boys Town experts have been collaborating with educators, youth care workers and schools across the country to create safe and effective learning environments.

These individuals make up the Boys Town National Training Department, whose primary responsibility is to disseminate the Boys Town Education Model® to schools and agencies through educational resources and professional development offerings. This evidence-based and results-orientated model is made of three components:

  • A behavior management approach that is proactive rather than reactive.
  • A complete social skills curriculum that empowers students to make better decisions.
  • A consistent referral process that values teaching over punishing.

In recent times the Boys Town Education Model, which originated in 1979, has extended its influence into the local educational arena. This past year, outstanding success has been observed at Omaha South High School.  In the summer of 2018, two workshops were conducted, the first an Administrative Intervention workshop for 18 of the school's administrative faculty, the second, a Safe & Healthy Secondary Schools workshop for 178 educators school-wide.

Following training, and a full semester of implementation, data showed that Omaha South experienced a significant decline in office referrals. Prior to training, Omaha South documented 2,329 referrals. In the fall semester of the following school year, referrals had decreased by 571.  A dramatic decline over a 12-month period.

When asked about the impact of this decline and its relationship to community development National Training Director, Susan Lamke stated, "I believe the service we provide is important to our community because it gives educators, youth care professionals, and parents practical strategies for supporting students in their social and emotional development.  This in turn, increases their chance of success in school, at home, and in their future careers".

In addition to professional development for educators, Boys Town provides other services for children and families in the South Omaha community. When students are struggling academically or suspended from school, they can continue their educational routine in a Positive Intervention Classroom at Boys Town's South Omaha office. This program aligns with Boys Town's Positive Alternative to Suspension model, which helps students acquire and practice social skills while remaining on track to complete academic requirements.

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