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Kinzle Family Home Inspired by The USA Olympic Swim Trials

​​​​Every year, thousands of people travel to Omaha, Nebraska from across the country to attend the USA Olympic Swim Trials. Tickets can be pricey so many families opt to instead watch swimmers battle for a spot on the USA Olympic Swim Team on TV from the comfort of their homes. For Family-Teachers Tyson and Stacey Kinzle and the children in their care, being able to attend their first Olympic event was an inspiring experience to say the least.

Tickets to the July 3, 2016, closing ceremony of the USA Olympic Swim Trials were graciously donated to the Kinzle family home by Kristi Andersen at MECA. Tyson and Stacey, along with five girls in their home, Kaleigh, Ashley, Saniah, Stella and Evelyn got to experience the Swim Trials first hand and watch the Olympians making history before their eyes. "It was awesome!" they all agreed in unison.

Ashley described the spectacular water cannons that shot out fire and the confetti cannons that filled the air with red, white and blue confetti as the newly named Olympians received their spots on the USA Olympic Swim Team. The ropes were later removed from the pool and synchronized swimmers performed routines for the audience. "The synchronized swimmers were my favorite part," Stella recalls.

Preceding the show, fireworks shot out outside over the parking lot. Shells rained down on the group due to their close distance from where they were being shot off. "It was a really cool experience," said Tyson Kinzle.

Attending the trials was about more than just the water cannons and special effects for Kaleigh, she found motivation. "Being a member of the swim team, I found it inspirational that they've worked so hard to get to that level and maybe if I work hard enough, I can one day be that good too."

Saniah found similar inspiration in the form of the female swimmers. "I loved the women swimmers. Especially the African American women, they are so strong and represent strong women."

The opportunity to attend the USA Olympic Swim Trials meant a lot to the Kinzle home. Stacey reflects that "this was ​very inspirational for the girls." Being in the presence of history being made by Olympians put the swimmers on a "superhero level" according to Ashley.

Boys Town extends a thank you to Kristi Andersen at MECA and encourages the girls to keep chasing their dreams!​