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Boys Town Program Always Up to Rebuilding Challenge

​​This article is written by Kelly Connolly. It was posted on wowt​​.com on September 12, 2016.

Friday nights are a little different at Boys Town, having to build a different team every year.

"Our kids come from all over the country and our average stay is 18 months for our young men,"said head football coach Kevin Kush. The athletes arrive during the summer and are expected to play in the fall. "Football's a great opportunity to do things right and that's what we use football for, to build a better young man."

Not only does the coach sharpen their football skills, he teaches the things that really matter. "I've learned a lot from this team, compete with character, ​fighting for each other," said junior Tijaih Davis. "It's a family thing."

There is a special meaning when student athletes put on that Cowboy jersey. "I've only played last year with Boys Town and just in that one year I've gained a lot of relationships with the coaches and teammates and it's just a great experience overall," said senior Cameron Christoffensen.

"We have low tolerances and high expectations in our program," said coach Kush. With a winning record and being state runner-ups in 2008, what they're doing at Boys Town is working.​