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New Boys Town Louisiana Executive Director Brings Personal, Professional Drive to Site’s Mission

Rashain Carriere

​As a native of New Orleans, Rashain Carriere-Williams is especially excited and thankful for her new role as Executive Director of Boys Town Louisiana.

"I'm excited for the opportunity to lead Boys Town Louisiana as we celebrate our 30th anniversary this year," said Carriere-Williams, who has been with the site in various positions for 15 years. "I'm truly committed to this community and I'm passionate about the well-being of our youth and families. And I'm just grateful to be a part of it."

Since opening in 1989 as an affiliate of the national Boys Town organization, Boys Town Louisiana has been a "go-to" resource for struggling and at-risk children and families in the New Orleans area, especially those hit hard by instability brought on by social and economic problems.

Each year, Boys Town Louisiana touches the lives of 7,600 children and families through a variety of established child and family services. These include a short-term residential care program for children in dangerous situations; longer-term residential care for adolescents in several family-style homes in New Orleans; in-home services, a program that works with troubled families in their homes to provide guidance and assistance; care coordination services, an intensive, family-centered case management program designed to help families navigate through complex systems such as the mental health care system, school systems and available community programs; and parenting classes where parents and other caregivers can learn new child-rearing skills and enhance those they already have.

More recently, the site has expanded its community support with the development of an Early Head Start School Readiness Partnership. The program operates on the beliefs that it is never too early for parents to begin preparing their child for school and formal learning, and that there is a great need for this service in the community.

Boys Town Louisiana collaborates with four local Four Star early childhood care providers in the program. The Partnership provides high-quality, comprehensive and seamless school readiness services for families of infants and toddlers in low-income New Orleans communities. These services are mainly for young parents who can benefit from learning additional parenting skills and having more support and resources to help them reach their goals and build happy, healthy families. Based on their identified needs, families in our Early Head Start program have access to all of our community-based services, which include parenting classes, care coordination services and in-home services.

Further expanding this type of community engagement and achieving a greater presence about Boys Town Louisiana's life-changing work is a big part of Carriere-Williams' future plans as Executive Director.   

"First and foremost, we do wonderful work in the New Orleans community," she said. "The people who know us well know that we do great work. But there's a large segment of our community who is unaware of that great work. Our profile in New Orleans, as a non-profit impacting one of the most vulnerable populations in our city, is not very high. I want to increase our visibility and for more people to become aware of the great work. I think my job is to tell the story of what we do and also to expand our scope. A major goal is to… make the city and community stakeholders more aware of what we're doing to help vulnerable youth and families, to hopefully be a partner with our civic leaders within our community and to be a visible partner to help solve issues."

In addition, Carriere-Williams wants to develop impactful partnerships with more organizations across the community and the state.  

"We have formed many informal, organic partnerships in our community as we have been doing this work," she said. "I believe we could benefit collectively if we formalize our relationships and collaborate in a more strategic manner. We're impacting the same community but doing slightly different work, and if we partner and work together, we can make a tremendous impact."

For 30 years, Boys Town Louisiana has been committed to bringing healing to children and families who have suffered from abuse and neglect, school failure, addiction, abandonment and domestic violence. By helping children reach their full potential and strengthening families that might otherwise have fallen apart, the site has improved and contributed to the well-being of New Orleans community and the surrounding region as a whole.

With her personal connection to her hometown, many years of experience in child and family care, and a passion for making a difference, Carriere-Williams is ready to take that commitment to the next level.

"My heart is in Louisiana."