Speak Up With Stern

As we embark on the second quarter of the year, it's crucial to reinforce a fundamental aspect of leadership: the recognition that leadership extends beyond individual roles and encompasses the collective efforts of a team. Our journey thus far has illuminated the profound impact of teamwork and the significance of fostering systems that propel our programs forward.

Our recent spring break activities were a testament to the magic that sparks when we work together. The memories created and the joy experienced by the youth were made possible by the dedication and collaboration of our team. Each one of our team members plays a crucial role in making our programs successful. I am consistently inspired by your passion and commitment to our mission. Our youth have many new memories because of the team coming together.

On the path ahead, let us remain cognizant of the value of team leadership and the imperative of establishing systems that facilitate progress. Let us take pride in our strategic pursuit of building our community partnership and becoming more well-known in our community. This means more than delivering impactful programs, but also demonstrating empathy, transparency and a genuine commitment to positive change. Above all, let us cherish the unwavering support of our community, for it is through our collective endeavors that we will realize our aspirations. Thank you for your unwavering dedication and hard work. Together, we are poised to achieve remarkable feats.

Laurie Stern, MPA

Executive Director

Boys Town Central FL