Empowering Youth for Better Lives

Our Boys Town Behavioral Health Clinic opened in 2012 to serve youth and families in Central Florida. We offer outpatient services for individuals and families from infancy to age 22, who are experiencing social/emotional, academic and behavioral concerns. Our focus is on Behavioral Pediatrics and we are here to support our colleagues in the pediatric field and local teachers in search of a resource for parents.

Our three clinicians treat a wide range of needs, from young children who are acting out in class to young adults who have suicidal tendencies. One of our clinicians recently partnered with the mother of a 6-year-old who presented with ADHD and aggressive behavior concerns. After working closely with Dr. Nguyen, the family reported great progress and indicated that second grade was off to a great start!

We’ve got an amazing teacher, who is a huge advocate for our son,” said his mom. “He’s coming home with purple (top color) ribbons for his behavior every day. Just yesterday, he earned an eagle feather, the school’s on-the-spot acknowledgment of good behavior, from his PE teacher. Today he was recognized as the Dean’s list winner for his class. He has come a long way!”