Dunn Family Teaching Couple

Celebrating Our Newest Family-Teachers

At Boys Town, we rely on our Family-Teachers to create a stable, family-centered lifestyle for all of our residential youth. The Family Home Program provides a home for children ages 9 to 17. Six to eight boys or girls live in each single Family Home with a married couple called Family-Teachers. In our homes, youth learn social and independent-living skills that help them find success at home, in school and in their community. This year, we are honored to announce our newest Family-Teaching couple: Mike and Joanie Dunn!

Although they are the newest addition to our Boys Town Central Florida campus, Boys Town is not something new to Mike and Joanie. In fact, Boys Town runs in their bloodline. Joanie’s father is a proud Boys Town alum and was raised at the main campus in Omaha, NE after his family members passed away in a house fire in 1959…he was only nine years old. He went on to age out of Boys Town at 18, became interested in mechanics and had a career of 35 years with General Motors. It was Joanie’s father who inspired Mike and Joanie to come and join Boys Town as Family-Teachers.

The two met in their twenties at a telemarketing office job. Joanie was Mike’s supervisor and he fell hard for her. Eventually, after he was promoted several times, they got together and have never looked back. Their love for their work as well as each other grew. While their time in telemarketing was wildly successful, it was never quite fulfilling enough. In 2018, they transitioned from their 25-year careers in telemarketing to focus on mission work. Joanie's passion for travel collided with their commitment to community service, leading them to Boys Town. Their tenure at Boys Town North Florida has seen them become catalysts for change, impacting over 100 young lives so far. Joanie reflects, "It was faith that brought us here," expressing their unwavering dedication to leaving every place better than they found it, guided by divine timing.

Their journey wasn't without challenges. They recount a transformative experience with a defiant young girl who initially resisted their help at Boys Town. Through relentless dedication and love, they witnessed her remarkable transformation, culminating in early graduation and becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant. Despite leaving the program, she remains connected to Mike and Joanie, a testament to their enduring impact. When asked about their approach to serving, they emphasize tradition and joy. Beach days and movie nights are staples in their home, with plans underway for Boys Town Central Florida’s inaugural “Drive-In Movie Night.” Their belief is Boys Town isn't just a place; it's a beacon of hope and transformation, fueled by love, faith and a commitment to service.