Boys Town Central Florida Celebrates Recent Graduates

Boys Town Central Florida Celebrates Recent Graduates

Boys Town Central Florida is celebrating the recent high school graduation of three youth – Isaac, Christopher, and Alijah.

Christopher graduated on May 19 from Oviedo High School with plans to become either a cosmetologist or phlebotomist. Angela Turner, Christopher's Family-Teacher said, "My favorite memory with us was when Christopher was able to bring his grades up from all F's to all A's. We kept him motivated and determined to graduate in 2021 instead of 2022."

Isaac, who was also supposed to graduate on May 19, completed his coursework and assignments early to graduate at the end of April. Isaac's plans after graduation are to move back home and live with his sister while he attends school to become a welder. "My favorite memories with Isaac were always making sure he worked on his anger control and when he got hired at McDonald's for his first job," said Angela, who was also Isaac's Family Teacher.

Alijah recently received his GED and is looking to attend classes at Seminole State College in Florida. He is also continuing his job at Wendy's where he is training for a shift manager position. "My favorite thing about Alijah that we love is his personality, humor, and generosity that he brings to our home," said Brooke Williams, Alijah's Family Teacher. "He is always looking out for others and seeking opportunities to better himself."

Boys Town is very proud of these three graduates and the hard work they put in daily. We can't wait to see what the future has in store for these Christopher, Isaac and Alijah!