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Boys Town South Florida Hosted Special Guest with Lesson for Students

This article was originally published by on March 19, 2024

Boys Town South Florida partnered with actor Trent Garrett, a friend of Boys Town and, most notably, played a dad on the Disney show Andi Mack, for a lesson with third-grade students at West Gate Elementary School in West Palm Beach on March 12.

Co-hosted by Boys Town South Florida and the Palm Beach County School District, this unique event was an opportunity for students to hear from Trent, who visits classrooms around the country to talk to kids about the power of self-praise and positive self-talk.

Boys Town education experts also assisted with the lesson plan and helped the kids make bracelets that reminded them of how they can self-praise. This lesson plan aims to show students how positive talk can make a difference in their lives and others. Boys Town research shows that positive praise in school and at home can improve kids' outcomes and success. Trent is hoping to spread the word to students so they can help spread love and praise to others.

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