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For nearly 30 years, Boys Town has helped connect at-risk children with caring foster parents, who raise and nurture them until they can return to their families or find adoptive homes. Children are typically referred to Boys Town Foster Services when they are exposed to abuse and neglect at home, and they often come to their new families with social and academic deficits that must be addressed.

Boys Town’s deep experience with training foster families allows us to assist new foster parents with classes and other guidance. Thanks to this expertise, the program’s success rate is high, with the majority of children either returning to their original families or finding new ones through adoption. Learn more about becoming a foster parent.


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Matt: Boys Town Foster Family Services started in 1988. It's grown considerable over the last several years. Most of the children that are referred to our foster care program are referred for abuse and neglect. Sometimes chemical dependency by a parent or other caregiver. They come in with the deficit of social skills, maybe struggle in the academic setting, a lot of them struggle with relationship building, some of those pieces.

April: When we got into foster care we didn't really know what to expect. Boys Town did a great job giving us as much information as they could and preparing us. But, every child and every situation is different. And, they prepared us for parenting in general too. Because a lot of the situations we are dealing with are not unique to foster care and we had never been parents before. So, we went through some parenting classes with Boys Town as well and they just walked us through every single step.

Matt: The outcomes through Boys Town foster services are great. Again, 73% are returned home to live with a relative or adopted. When a child transitions home we want to make sure they're prepared to be successful. So, a lot of that is their time in the foster home, giving them the social skills, the academic supports to work through some of those challenges to be successful contributing members of society. That's our ultimate goal.

Joey: There's so many kids out there that need a loving home, just to take care of them, to help them. It's very rewarding is what it is.