Welcome New Board Member: Jo Anne Davis

1.   Why did you become involved with Boys Town South Florida?

I got involved to be a part of the changes that will impact our county, by preparing our youth at an early age.​

2.      What do you wish other people knew about Boys Town?   My wish is that more people know about the phenomenal Behavioral Health Clinic they have to assist all children.

3.      What is your favorite program/service that Boys Town South Florida has? Why?The Boys Town Behavioral Health Clinic is my favorite program. The reason this one resonates with me is because there are so many children suffering in silence, and this provides a platform that allows them a safe place to express themselves. In doing so, one life at a time is being saved by providing the necessary services to enhance their lives.

4.      What will others be surprised to learn about you?I am an advocate for all people that have needs but do not have resources, and I will stay on the course until a positive outcome has been achieved. I am totally committed. 

5.      What is your favorite quote?I have a personal motto: Live right, do right and you will be alright!

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