Karly and Ronan

Meet Our 2023 Family of the Year

Meet this beautiful family, Karly, and her eight-year-old son, Ronan, who participated in our In-Home Family Services program!

In-Home Family Services is a family focused, skill-oriented intervention that brings Boys Town’s well-established methods and strategies directly to families’ homes to foster a positive transformation. Karly needed help setting a routine with Ronan related to mealtime, dressing, and reinforcement of potty-training habits. Ronan is on the Autism spectrum, which required Karly to find strategies that would be tailored to Ronan’s capabilities and fit into her schedule, so she wouldn’t feel burned out from being the sole caregiver.

To alleviate the family’s stress when it came to reinforcing positive potty-training habits at home, Boys Town South Florida Family Consultant was able to use charitable donations to buy Karly a washing machine. The washing machine has been a tremendous time saver. Karly is now able to wash clothes at home versus going to the laundromat. When it comes to mealtimes and getting dressed, it is still a work in progress. Ronan isn’t fully verbal, so Karly has learned different skills and approaches to help her son communicate his needs, while creating a healthy family routine.