Lunch and Learn with Leadership of Palm Beach County

In February, we hosted a Teach Love Valentine's Day Lunch and Learn for the Leadership of Palm Beach County Class of 2023, which is a group of local leaders who aspire to build a better community through unity. We see an ongoing need to keep the conversation going about behavioral and mental health among youth. Startling statistics show that​​​ during the COVID pandemic, suicide ideation increased by 150% and expressions of trauma increased by 50% – these alarming statistics need to continue to be echoed in the community. 

Our presentation went into depth about these statistics, potential warning signs for parents and caregivers to watch out for when their children are exhibiting potential mental health concerns, and tools to help prevent or intervene when these warning signs are observed.

With your support, all the programs we deliver provide ways for parents and caregivers to learn and implement positive approaches to help build healthy relationships and solve problems with their children.

Would you like to join the conversation on topics like these and how Boys Town South Florida is addressing the mental health crisis in your community? If so, contact