Care Coordination Services Provides a Lifeline for Children

​Care Coordination Services provides a lifeline for children suffering from mental health issues by connecting them with programs or resources that can provide the best care.

After numerous Baker Acts resulting from self-harm and multiple suicide attempts, John F Kennedy Hospital referred 15-year-old Ana* to Boys Town South Florida. Prior to being connected to Boys Town, the undocumented family was having a difficult time accessing much-needed services. Ana had requested admission into a residential treatment facility such as Sandy Pines because her family was having a difficult time implementing healthy coping skills while experiencing distress from repeated Baker Acts.

With the assistance of our Care Coordination Consultant, Ana was able to get connected with Caridad Center for medical and dental services, as well as Legacy Behavioral Health for psychiatric and therapeutic services. These connections were a big step in the right direction for Ana and her family. Ana was accepted into a residential treatment center; however, she chose to continue with outpatient services. Despite all odds, this young lady has continued to utilize outpatient services and bypass residential treatment at this time. This young lady has continued to demonstrate an improved ability to implement healthy coping skills to keep herself and others safe. Ana has expressed feeling empowered and proud of her significant improvement in her ability to keep herself safe. In addition, Ana feels good about being heard and having a say in her treatment, two important aspects in her healing process. She has earned her mom's trust again.

*To protect the privacy of this family, the child's name has been changed.