Boys Town South Florida Helps Local Family Heal

16-year-old Bryce Baxter was referred to Boys Town South Florida's Care Coordination Services (CCS) due to very concerning behaviors at home and school. Prior to Boys Town, Bryce was at risk of being placed on probation due to negative behaviors at school that resulted in additional police contact after facing intense bullying.

This stressful period happened after the family suffered the unexpected loss of Bryce's older sister in a car accident caused by a drunk driver. Bryce's parents, Jacquie and Erik, were unsure where to turn to help their son and were relieved when they found Boys Town.

With the help of a Boys Town CCS Consultant, Bryce was linked to individual and family therapy through Families First, and additional behavioral support through Boys Town's In-Home Family Services. With the help of both services, Bryce learned how to process emotions in a positive way and to not think of harming himself or others.

Bryce's parents also learned how to set clear and consistent expectations in their home for Bryce to follow. Together, Bryce and his parents were able to take what they heard in therapy and develop solutions to help them improve on their skills and avoid similar problems in the future.

Bryce and his family are the perfect examples of how successful utilization of the Care Coordination model is implemented in the community: identifying services that are appropriate for the family, linkage to support that can address barriers, monitoring through regular staffing and other correspondence, and advocacy for positive behaviors and independence. The combination of these concepts led to the success of Bryce and his family and helps pave the way for how Boys Town can continue assisting families within the community.​