Boys Town South Florida Employee Leads Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Efforts

In 2001, Khalilah Eubanks got her first job in social services at the Department of Children and Families and was so excited for the opportunity to make a difference! She recruited her mom to work with her so they could “save the world one child at a time.”

In 2006, Khalilah came across a job posting with Boys Town South Florida and was hired as a Care Coordination Consultant. Khalilah said, “It’s been a match made in heaven ever since.”

During her time at Boys Town, Khalilah has grown in her roles and responsibilities, more recently taking on co-chair leadership of the site’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) committee.

Throughout her career, Khalilah has had a special place in her heart for supporting and empowering the children and families she works with, especially those that are from marginalized communities. She has a strong passion for empowering her colleagues and takes pride in being an encouragement for her coworkers.

When Boys Town placed a renewed focus on DEI efforts, Boys Town South Florida leadership had a vision to implement a DEI committee to help the site process many of the current events and implement practices of DEI at a site level.

The DEI committee works to implement local efforts to create a more inclusive and supportive culture at Boys Town South Florida. They have put together a training series for the site’s all-staff meetings that have covered topics such as racism in Palm Beach County, gentrification, micro-aggressions, and implicit bias, and how these topics apply to the workplace. The committee is also reviewing hiring trends and participating in the overall Quality Management Council to make recommendations for the site.

Khalilah joined the committee and brought valuable insights with her knowledge of history and her natural wisdom. She believes that creating a culture where all staff can bring their authentic selves to work will strengthen the ability to work towards Father Flanagan’s mission of bringing help, healing, and hope to the community.