Behavioral Health Clinic

South Florida Behavioral Health Clinic

The Boys Town Behavioral Health Clinic offers outpatient services for families with children from infancy to 22 who are experiencing social/emotional, academic, or behavior concerns. Learn more about our clinic and our staff below.

To make an appointment please call 561-612-6056.

About Our Clinic

We have the training, experience and expertise necessary to provide your family with the support and guidance that your child or adolescent needs to help them succeed.

If you are a physician, educator, or parent who is concerned about a child or adolescent's current functioning, turn to the Boys Town South Florida Behavioral Health Clinic in West Palm Beach, FL.​ The Clinic offers a wide range of outpatient services for children of all ages who are experiencing behavioral, emotional, social, or academic concerns.

  • Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)
  • Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • Oppositional and Conduct Problems
  • School-Based Behavioral and Academic Problems
  • Anxiety/Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and Worry
  • Depression
  • Verbal/Physical Aggression and Anger Management
  • Bedtime Problems and Sleep Disorders
  • Following Instructions/Accepting Decisions
  • Peer and Sibling Relationships
  • Phobias
  • Enuresis (Wetting the bed/pants)
  • Encopresis (Soiling underpants)
  • Habits (hair pulling, fingernail biting, and thumb sucking)
  • Feeding Problems and Eating Disorders
  • Difficulties with adjustment (Divorce, relocation, significant changes in the family)
  • Trauma

Insurance Accepted

We currently accept the following insurance:

  • Aetna – commercial plans only
  • Ambetter
  • AmeriHealth Caritas
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield/New Directions
  • CMS Title 19 & 21
  • CMS FL Health Kids
  • Cigna EAP
  • Cigna/Evernorth
  • Community Care Partners
  • Florida Medicaid
  • Medica through Optum
  • Oscar through Optum
  • Sunshine Health
  • UMR
  • United Health Care
  • Wellcare Kids/Staywell
  • United/Optum EAP​

Please call for our affordable private pay rates.

Kid T.I.P.S - From the Experts at Boys Town

A publication for parents on the emotional, social and behavioral development of children.

Boys Town has been caring for children and supporting families for more than 100 years, so we understand the needs of parents and the best strategies for meeting the challenges they face, like teaching children how to consistently follow instructions, work hard in school, get along with others, and make good decisions. We pride ourselves on not only doing research on parenting, but also putting that research into action. You can be confident that our strategies give parents real-world solutions that work.

Our Professional Staff

Boys Town offers a wide range of services for children who are experiencing behavioral, emotional or academic concerns.

If you are a parent, physician, educator or mental health care provider who is concerned about the behavior of a child in your care, we can help. Our psychologists work closely with families, schools and other referrers to provide the best care for children and adolescents.

Diane Kelly Andreou
Diane Kelly Andreou
Ph.D., Clinic Director

Diane Kelly Andreou, Ph.D., is a licensed clinical psychologist (PY6621) who specializes in cognitive-behavioral therapy and evaluation. She has worked with children and families for more than 20 years, utilizing practical, evidence-supported interventions that emphasize individual and family strengths to facilitate positive change. Dr. Kelly's experience in the evaluation of children and adolescents includes assessment of social-emotional, behavioral, intellectual and academic functioning.

Dr. Kelly received her bachelor’s degree from the University of Miami and her master’s and doctoral degrees in clinical psychology from Nova Southeastern University. After completing her internship at the Oklahoma Department of Health, she returned to south Florida for a post-doctoral fellowship with the Child Protection Team at the University of Miami’s Mailman Center for Child Development. In addition to clinical work, Dr. Kelly has worked as a trainer, continuing education provider and clinical supervisor. When not at work, she enjoys travel and exploring beautiful places with her husband and daughter.

Steve Arcidiacono
Steve Arcidiacono
Ph.D., Staff Psychologist

Steve Arcidiacono, Ph.D., is a licensed clinical psychologist (PY10133) who specializes in behavioral pediatrics and cognitive-behavioral therapy. Dr. Steve has over a decade of experience treating youth and their families for a variety of presenting concerns including defiance, anger, gaming/screen-time management, sleep issues, habits/tics (CBIT certified), anxiety/fears, depression, ADHD, picky eating, potty training and social challenges. Dr. Steve uses empathy, authenticity and humor to build a strong therapeutic alliance, then uses evidence-based principles and interventions to meet the unique needs of each family.

Dr. Steve received his bachelor’s degree from Syracuse University, then his master’s and doctoral degrees from Nova Southeastern University. He completed his clinical internship at Boys Town's Center for Behavioral Health in Omaha, NE, and his post-doctoral fellowship here at Boys Town South Florida. Dr. Steve loves to play video games, go to the movies, discover new music, win hot sauce challenges, cheer on the New York Mets and Buffalo Bills, and visit theme parks with his wife and two daughters.

Eva DeLaura
Eva DeLaura
Psy.D., Staff Psychologist

Eva DeLaura, Psy.D., is a bilingual (Spanish speaking) licensed clinical psychologist (PY11603) specializing in cognitive behavioral therapy with children, adolescents and their families, and psychoeducational evaluations. Dr. DeLaura received her bachelor’s degree from the University of Central Florida and her master’s and doctoral degrees in clinical psychology from Widener University. She completed her clinical internship at Children’s Crisis Treatment Center in Philadelphia, PA, and did her post-doctoral fellowship at the College of Medicine at the University of Florida.

Dr. DeLaura has specialty training in trauma and stress-related difficulties, obsessive-compulsive disorder, anxiety and behavioral problems. She enjoys traveling, going to concerts, and spending time with her friends, family and dogs.

Ryan Egan
Ryan Egan
Ph.D., Staff Psychologist

Ryan Egan, Ph.D., is a licensed clinical psychologist (PY10565) specializing in behavior problems. He received his bachelor’s degree from Duke University and his master’s and doctoral degrees in clinical psychology from Central Michigan University. He completed his pre-doctoral internship and post-doctoral residency at the Oklahoma University Health Sciences Center.

Dr. Egan has specialty certifications in behavior problems and trauma, but he also has experience with attention problems, anxiety, depression and family conflict. He prioritizes the use of proven treatments and high-quality research in his practice. In his free time, Dr. Egan enjoys piano/guitar and fitness, and is a fan of Disney, Pokémon, Mario, Zelda and birds.

Marcela A. Galicia
Marcela A. Galicia
Ph.D, Staff Psychologist

Marcela A. Galicia, Ph.D., is a licensed psychologist (PY11745) who specializes in behavioral pediatric psychology supporting typically developing and neurodiverse children, including children with autism, ADHD, language delays and intellectual disabilities. She provides therapy and behavioral parent training in English and Spanish. Dr. Galicia received her doctoral degree in school psychology from the University of South Florida in Tampa.. She completed her doctoral internship in clinical and pediatric psychology at the University of Miami Mailman Center for Child Development and did a postdoctoral fellowship in behavioral pediatrics at Johns Hopkins University/Kennedy Krieger Institute in Maryland.

Dr. Galicia has specialty training in positive behavioral supports, as well as decreasing anxiety and mild-to-moderate externalizing behavior concerns, including temper tantrums, non-compliance, elopement, toileting difficulties, physical aggression, and sleep difficulties. She uses evidence-based treatments and prioritizes the family’s values and goals in treatment. In her free time, Dr. Galicia enjoys propagating plants, listening to audiobooks, and spending time with her very silly children and husband. 

Alyssa Ramos-Chavez
Alyssa Ramos-Chavez
Psy.D., Staff Psychologist

Alyssa Ramos-Chavez, Psy.D., is a bilingual (Spanish speaking) licensed clinical psychologist (PY12052) who specializes in pediatric psychology utilizing cognitive-behavioral therapy. Dr. Ramos-Chavez  attended the University of California, San Diego, before earning her MS in Forensic Science at National University. She then returned to school to work on her Doctor of Psychology at The Chicago School of Professional Psychology, where she developed a passion for advocating for diversity, equity and inclusion to end the stigmatization of mental health services for underserved and vulnerable populations. After completing her internship at The Guidance Center-Miller Children’s and Women’s Hospital in Long Beach, CA, Dr. Ramos-Chavez  came to the Boys Town South Florida Behavioral Health Clinic for her Postdoctoral Fellowship.

Dr. Ramos-Chavez has specialty training in trauma-focused treatment, eating disorders, anxiety, depression, and pediatric psychology with co-occurring medical and mental health diagnoses. She prioritizes building a strong therapeutic alliance with her patients, while applying evidence-based research to help her patients and their families. In her free time, Dr. Ramos-Chavez loves to cook, watch movies, dance and spend time with her family. Additional hobbies include yoga, Pilates, going to the beach and traveling. She is an LA sports fan and cheers for the Dodgers, Lakers, Rams, and most of all… USC! Fight On!


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