Acelero Award

Boys Town Nevada’s Keane Talledo Receives Award From Community Partner Acelero Learning

Boys Town Nevada’s Keane-Maritess Talledo recently was presented an award from community partner Acelero Learning.

Acelero recognized Talledo, a Parent Trainer in Boys Town’s Parenting for Success program, for her commitment and advocacy to children and families in the community.

Acelero provides equity-centered early education to prepare children for kindergarten and beyond, partnering with families to nurture their children’s potential.

Talledo said she loves what she does for Boys Town Nevada and has been equally impressed with what Acelero Learning is doing for children.

“Acelero is extremely near to my heart, Talledo said. “Last year, I would say around August, I was at an event and ran into the amazing Kristina Bedikian, the former Nutrition Coordinator at Acelero Learning. We got to talking and as passionate as I am about Boys Town, I started rambling about the organization and what we do to help families. I specifically discussed Common Sense Parenting and Kristina was all for it. We set up one meeting and the rest is history.”

Talledo said she was able to coordinate with Bedikian helping each other meet the needs of the community.

“Knowing that Acelero has a number of centers here in the valley, I wanted to make sure we could serve the volume of families they were prepared to refer to us, so my method was slow and steady,” Talledo said. “Kristina had full faith in us, so she informed all the centers and before we knew it, we were booked up for meetings.”

Talledo said the two organizations worked great together.

“Kristina was awesome, she connected me with all the center advocates, and I was present for the family meetings,” Talledo said. “She got me in the door right away, which made me very happy. Most of their centers are already familiar with our Boys Town programs and we are providing parenting classes to more centers than I initially planned. It has been a great partnership thus far and I’m excited to see how we can better serve families in the community.”