Boys Town In-Home Family Services Helps Diaz Family Adjust to New Surroundings

Yenkis Diaz says Boys Town Nevada’s In-Home Family Services program has had a positive impact in her life, especially with her son Jowry.

Before the Diaz family successfully completed the In-Home Family Services program, Yenkis said she had a difficult time with Jowry. He struggled understanding the culture here in the United States and would become physically violent when he was upset. In school, Jowry had difficulty following teachers’ directions. At home, he had problems playing outside with neighborhood children.

After working with In-Home Family Services, Yenkis learned to listen to Jowry and spend quality time with him. She worked with her Family Consultant, learning different skills and then implementing the skills with Jowry.

Yenkis said she has seen progress in Jowry’s behaviors, and he has not had any incidents at school this year. She also now observes how Jowry can calmly play with other children without getting upset.

Thanks to Yenkis working with him, Jowry has learned to ask for help and walk away from tough situations.

Yenkis has also learned to help herself. She knows how to use public transportation and can research resources in the community. She is now attending english classes and is not afraid to ask for help.

Yenkis says Boys Town has helped her grow as a mother. She has recommended In-Home Family Services to other parents in her son’s school and in the community.