Duncan Day School Celebrates 10 Years

Boys Town is all about helping kids, but did you know Boys Town also helps other school districts with their students?

Boys Town's Duncan Day School​ celebrated its 10th anniversary last year. During that time the school on the Boys Town campus has served 33 school districts, helping over 230 students. The student's accomplishments range from increasing their school attendance to earning enough credits to graduate.

According to Susan Uhl, Director of Duncan Day School, school districts reach out to Boys Town to assist with their students when they might need a fresh start.

“School districts reach out to our program when a student is struggling academically, behaviorally or both," Uhl said. “Students can be referred for numerous special circumstances. Some have school anxieties, some have been suspended or expelled, some have come in from other alternative programs and found they are more successful in a smaller setting."

Uhl said connections are important.

“We are able to make connections not only with the students, but also with their families," she said. “Many students and families tend to feel targeted by school staff from their districts, so we want to give them an opportunity at a fresh start. With the Boys Town Specialized Classroom Management model, we are not only able to provide a great deal of positive interactions, but also help students learn valuable life and social skills."

Uhl said while Duncan Day School utilizes many elements of Boys Town's education model, it is very different.

“The Day School is not a residential program, so it is hard for some parents and students to differentiate that piece when they hear Boys Town," Uhl said. “I often tell schools and families the best way to understand our program is to schedule a tour as we are not a lock-up facility and we are not an institution. We are a school, and when they take a tour they realize we are a special school program."

Uhl said since some students may need a higher level of care, Boys Town can also offer an In-Home Family Services Consultant who can help families in their own homes to continue the skills students are learning at the Day School.

“And, if a student and family are still struggling, we can help the family with seeking out other Boys Town programs that offer a higher level of care," she said.