Booster Banquet


The Boys Town Boosters were formed to help ensure that any child who wanted to play sports could do so. The Boosters raise funds and make sure each child has proper equipment, a uniform and the other necessities to experience the same learning opportunities that are available to other kids across the country. This commitment helps kids at Boys Town succeed both on and off the field.

A few of our Boosters teamed up with some current Boys Town athletes to run some drills and create some excitement around our upcoming Booster Banquet!

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Boys Town provides a wide array of athletic programs

Many of the children who arrive at Boys Town have never participated in organized sports. They haven't had the opportunity to experience being part of a team, having people cheer them on or feeling a sense of accomplishment that comes from working together to reach a goal. Recognizing the tremendous benefit of participating in sports for the youth in our care, Boys Town provides a wide array of athletic programs. More than half of our kids at the Village of Boys Town participate in athletics.

For more information on how you can become a Boys Town Booster, please contact Ashley Howe at 402-416-4000 or by email at

Boys Town Boosters

Kathy Johnson - President

Trent Bausch - Vice President

Paul Blomenkamp

Scott Carlson

Jason Carter

John Coffey

Martie Cordaro

Greg Crawford

Jim Czyz

Ron Czyz

Dr. Kurt Davey

Jerry Dempsey

Doug Duren

Randy Eccker

Sarah Edwards

Jim Elliston

John Fox 

Craig Frahm ​

Matt Garland

Gary Gates

Herb Hames

John Haver

Dennis Hogan

Ashley Howe

Travis Howe​

Joe Johns

Jim Kamm

Darin Karstetter

Steve Kathol

John Keady

Greg Kronaizl

John Kuehl

Jeff Leise ​

Mike Macholan

Jeff Makovicka

Dr. Mike McGuire

Dan McMahon​

Matt Miller

Joe Oetken

Barbara Onken

Rich Onken

Lindsey Patton

​Lisa Peters ​

Doug Pick

Michael Potthoff

Mike Ranallo

Josh Render

Phil Ruden

Scott Scheidel

Mark Schumacher

Beth Settles

Chris VanLong

Leah Vetter

Brett Wawers