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New Playground for Boys Town Nearly Complete

​​​This article is written by Julie Montanaro. It was published August 18, 2016 on wc​

A new playground is being built that will help abused and neglected children relax and have fun.

Kids at Boys Town will soon have a chance to run, swing and climb. A team of 'Lowe's Heroes' spent the whole week building them a playground, all for free.

"Just how much we put a smile on another kid's face. That's what's going to be going through my mind every time we drive by here. It's amazing," says local Lowe's manager, Angela Williams.

Dena Strickland with Boys Town adds, "It's going to be so enriching in the lives of our children. They are going to love it. "

The playground includes a see-saw, swings, pull-up bars, and even a putting green.

The project is expected to be completed by the end of the week.