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Join us on October 21 and help Raise the Roof for Boys Town! us on October 21 and help Raise the Roof for Boys Town!<p>​With help from our friends at Tadlock Roofing and supporters in the Tallahassee community, Boys Town North Florida raised more than $30,000 in its inaugural Raise the Roof event in 2019, helping provide at-risk youth and families the love, support and resources needed to succeed. Aiming to Raise the Roof even higher in 2021, we are changing venues and challenging the community to raise $40,000 in THREE HOURS during this social fundraising event on Thursday, October 21, 2021.</p><p>Taking over the rooftop at Charlie Park Tallahassee from 6 to 9pm, you can participate in Raise the Roof by gathering your friends and/or colleagues and create a team. Visit <a href="" target="_blank"></a> for more information on how to sign up. If an individual joins a team, for a $50 self-donation you get a tee-shirt. For $100, you get a tee shirt, promotional glass, and specialty cocktail.</p><p>For those simply wanting to attend, visit <a href="" target="_blank">​</a> and purchase your $25 ticket below. The first 75 people to do so will receive a complementary signature cocktail crafted in a RTR cocktail glass.</p> <p><strong>Date:</strong> October 21, 2021<br><strong>Time:</strong> 6:00 – 9:00 PM<br><strong>Location:</strong><br>Charlie Park<br>801 S Gadsden St.<br><span style="background-color:transparent;">Tallahassee, FL 32301</span><span style="background-color:transparent;">​</span>​<br></p>2021-10-21T05:00:00ZEvent<img alt="" src="/locations/north-florida/news-and-events/PublishingImages/Raise-The-Roof_Event-Logo.gif" style="BORDER:0px solid;" />text/html; charset=utf-8 NewsEvent



Boys Town North Florida Collaborates with MetaVisions for Inaugural Financial Literacy Program Town North Florida Collaborates with MetaVisions for Inaugural Financial Literacy Program<p>MetaVisions, a Tallahassee-based non-profit that seeks to directly serve families and children through pilot programs and grant funding, recently partnered with Boys Town North Florida to launch a financial literacy program. </p><p>Led by Morgan Evers and Cindy Bevis Evers, MetaVisions created a curated program to teach foundational financial literacy skills, such as how to open a bank account, how to write a check, and effective spending and saving strategies. Youth learned these skills through interactive games, engaging guest speakers, and visual activities. </p><p>To culminate the end of the program, MetaVisions orchestrated a donation event. The youth were in charge of organizing and assembling donation bags with letters of encouragement, snacks, bracelets, socks, and water for individuals in the community. </p><p>Many of the items in the bags were graciously donated by Florida Senator Loranne Ausley, who stopped by for a surprise visit while the kids were packing the bags. She talked with them and shared her excitement and appreciation for the financial literacy program and the work Boys Town North Florida does. </p><p>Boys Town North Florida is looking forward to growing their partnership with MetaVisions as they continue to provide engaging programs for their youth. </p><p><img src="/locations/north-florida/news-and-events/PublishingImages/MetaVisions-2.jpg" alt="Boys Town MetaVisions" style="margin:5px;width:383px;" /><img src="/locations/north-florida/news-and-events/PublishingImages/MetaVisions-3.jpg" alt="Boys Town MetaVisions" style="margin:5px;" /><br></p>2021-08-19T05:00:00ZNews<img alt="Boys Town MetaVisions" src="/locations/north-florida/news-and-events/PublishingImages/MetaVisions-1.jpg" style="BORDER:0px solid;" />text/html; charset=utf-8 NewsEvent
Boys Town North Florida Hosts 2021 Showcase of Talent Town North Florida Hosts 2021 Showcase of Talent<p>​​​On August 4, Boys Town North Florida hosted their first ever Summer Showcase of Talent to celebrate their youth while ending summer on a high note.<br></p><p>Throughout the summer, youth in the Family Home program participated in weekly performing arts groups in preparation for the showcase. Students engaged in various clubs such as choir, keyboard, dance, spoken word poetry, and acting. Within these clubs, their creativity shined as they drafted songs with their own lyrics and pitched scene ideas for their original acting skit.</p><p>Students prepared for weeks for this event and were eager to get on stage to perform their acts. Each performance was met with roaring applause from the audience composed of Boys Town staff, board members, local church attendees, and friends.</p><p>Seeing the hard work and talent demonstrated at the Summer Showcase proved the excitement and thoughtfulness the kids exhibited. It truly showed how proud they felt.<br></p><p>Boys Town North Florida would like to extend a thank you to Four Oaks Community Church for welcoming their students and audience to their venue as well as the volunteers that led the student groups. This showcase would not have been possible without them!​<br></p> <img src="/locations/north-florida/news-and-events/PublishingImages/Summer-Showcase-2.jpg" class="ms-rtePosition-1" alt="" style="margin:5px;width:438px;height:310px;" /> <img src="/locations/north-florida/news-and-events/PublishingImages/Summer-Showcase-3.jpg" alt="" style="margin:5px;width:458px;height:308px;" />​​<br><br>2021-08-18T05:00:00ZNews<img alt="" src="/locations/north-florida/news-and-events/PublishingImages/Summer-Showcase-1.jpg" style="BORDER:0px solid;" />text/html; charset=utf-8 NewsEvent
Boys Town North Florida Hosts 2021 Youth Awards Banquet Town North Florida Hosts 2021 Youth Awards Banquet<p>​<span style="background-color:transparent;">Every summer, Boys Town North Florida looks forward to its annual Youth Awards Banquet, a red carpet affair that celebrates the achievements and triumphs of its Family Home program youth.</span></p><p>Held at the Florida State University Alumni Center, staff and guests were happy to return to an in-person event. With safety measures in place, elegance and grace defined the evening as the youth strutted down the red carpet in their tuxedos and evening dresses to receive their awards.</p><p>In the weeks leading up to the banquet, the girls were able to select an outfit from an extensive array of dresses given by a community of generous donors and were treated to a makeup workshop presented by Lisa Davis, a renowned makeup artist who is the personal makeup artist to Florida's First Lady, Casey DeSantis. While the girls were getting pampered, the boys visited Formals by Vince to get fitted for their tuxedos.</p><p>On the day of the banquet, the girls went to the Aveda Hair Institute to get their hair done while the boys put on their formalwear and learned how to adjust their ties. Once everyone was ready for the event, a party bus arrived to pick the youth up and take them to the venue. When they arrived at the Alumni Center, they were greeted with flash photography as they walked the red carpet in style.</p><p>At the banquet, keynote speaker Darrick McGhee gave a passionate speech on resilience and perseverance, but the highlight of the evening was the awards. These awards, such as Youth of the Year, most imaginative, most ambitious, and many others, showcased each youth's individuality and unique abilities.</p><p>Boys Town North Florida would like to thank all the vendors and individuals who stepped in and made the event memorable for their youth, especially Aveda Institute, Mike's Limousines, Florida State University Alumni Association, Formals by Vince, Andrew's Catering, Coca Cola, Abernathy Entertainment, Heavansent Photos, and Mr. Darrick McGhee. Their generous contributions made the 2021 Youth Awards Banquet a night to remember.</p><p><img src="/locations/north-florida/news-and-events/PublishingImages/Pages/Boys-Town-North-Florida-Hosts-2021-Youth-Awards-Banquet/NFL-YouthAwards.jpg" alt="NFL-YouthAwards.jpg" style="margin:5px;" />​<br></p><p><br></p>2021-08-04T05:00:00ZNews<img alt="NFL Youth Awards" src="/locations/north-florida/PublishingImages/NFL-Youth-Awards-Rollup.jpg" style="BORDER:0px solid;" />text/html; charset=utf-8 NewsEvent
Boys Town North Florida FHP Teachers and Youth Dedicated to Campus Beautification Town North Florida FHP Teachers and Youth Dedicated to Campus Beautification<p>In an effort of community goodwill, a group of youth from Boys Town North Florida's Family Home Campus recently took on the task of beautifying the grounds of the Boys Town North Florida office complex.</p><p>The girls raked, picked up branches, and cleaned up debris around the lawn. The boys mowed and trimmed the tress and bushes, in addition to assisting with blowing leaves off the lawn and cleaning up debris.</p><p>This was not the first time the boys and their Family Home Teacher pitched in to do some community service around campus and the office. It all stemmed from the boys wanting to pitch in and help the Boys Town North Florida Maintenance Specialist who was out of the office from time to time with personal medical issues. They wanted to help relieve some of those responsibilities in which they take pride doing everyday within their own home environment. What made this day special though was having Family Home Teacher Mike Dunn and the Dunn Home girls join the task!</p><p>These values of community and helping thy neighbor is what Family Teachers instill in youth from the start and is now catching on within the campus in other homes on a broader scale. We are so thankful for these youth and their commitment to the Boys Town mission.</p>​<br>2021-08-02T05:00:00ZNews<img alt="" src="/locations/north-florida/news-and-events/PublishingImages/NorthFlorida-Logo-banner-home.jpg" style="BORDER:0px solid;" />text/html; charset=utf-8 NewsEvent
Boys Town North Florida Care Coordination Services Program Helps Struggling Youth Town North Florida Care Coordination Services Program Helps Struggling Youth<p>Tyler Chester was admitted to Boys Town North Florida's Care Coordination Services (CCS) Program in 2020. During his initial intake, his mother, Ms. Chester, reported participation with multiple outpatient mental health programs, three previous admissions to the Statewide Inpatient Psychiatric Program (SIPP), and ​​involvement with outpatient services​​.</p><p>Ms. Chester informed Boys Town North Florida that she was awaiting approval from another SIPP placement in South Florida for her son. His behavior and aggression towards others were out of control and there had been multiple incidents where Tyler had acted aggressively towards family members, resulting in injury. It was reported that the home setting was unsafe because of his escalated behavior, lack of effectiveness of outpatient services, and lack of buy in with mental health providers. </p><p>With the help of a CCS Consultant, a safety plan was created, informal supports were utilized, and Tyler was placed with a family member while they awaited a SIPP placement to become available. </p><p>During this waiting period, Tyler's CCS Consultant advocated for him to have access to services and worked with the public defender's office to get a referral for an anger management counselor. The consultant also assisted Tyler's family in navigating systems, being a support in court and with various providers, and offering empathy during a times of need.</p><p>At the close of services, Tyler had made the A/B Honor role for three consecutive nine week periods. He was also attending anger management counseling weekly, exhibiting self-control in the home setting, and didn't have any incidents or aggression outbursts in the latest reporting period. </p><p>Tyler successfully completed the Care Coordination Program and is expected to remain in the home setting because of his improved behavior.</p>2021-07-28T05:00:00ZNews<img alt="Boys Town North Florida" height="227" src="/locations/north-florida/news-and-events/PublishingImages/NorthFlorida-Logo-banner-home.jpg" width="300" style="BORDER:0px solid;" />text/html; charset=utf-8 NewsEvent
Silas Brothers’ Adoption Success Story Brothers’ Adoption Success Story<p></p><p>T'Antonio and Tony Silas, two brothers from Boys Town North Florida's Foster Family Services program, were able to find their forever home after being adopted by their foster parents, Calvin Ellis and Darlene Cunningham.</p><p>Both brothers were very excited to be adopted and officially become members of the family! Mr. Ellis said he knew he would adopt the boys because they already felt like family and he could not imagine them living anywhere else!</p><p>During the eight years T'Antonio and Tony were in the Foster Family Services program, they thrived in the safe space that Calvin and Darlene provided, where unconditional love and structure were consistently provided. They learned skills that taught them how to express their feelings appropriately and demonstrate good school behaviors.</p><p>Since being adopted, the brothers have enjoyed spending quality time with Calvin and Darlene by playing games and watching movies together. T'Antonio and Tony have been able to maintain contact with their grandmother and brother. Calvin and Darlene are supportive of the brothers maintaining a relationship with their biological family and are happy to participate in any way to continue nourishing those relationships.​<br></p><p><br></p>2021-07-27T05:00:00ZNews<img alt="" src="/locations/north-florida/news-and-events/PublishingImages/Silas-Brothers-Adoption.jpg" style="BORDER:0px solid;" />text/html; charset=utf-8 NewsEvent
Boys Town North Florida Celebrates End of School Year with Summer Recreation Kick-Off Event Town North Florida Celebrates End of School Year with Summer Recreation Kick-Off Event<p>On June 14, Boys Town North Florida's Family Home Program hosted their annual Summer Recreation Kick-Off party. Each year, their youth celebrate the end of the school year with time to relax and participate in fun summer activities.</p><p>Though this event is a familiar treat for the Boys Town North Florida youth, the staff surprised the kids by bringing the beach to campus. Thanks to Shawn Snyder at American Columbia Co., a large donation of sand was dropped off at ART Town to be used as a beach for the kids to create sandcastles and play different beach games. The kids had a great time competing to build the biggest and best castles! </p><p>The 2021 Summer Recreation Kick-Off party also featured a talent showcase with various performing artists from the local community. Performances ranged from dance numbers to an acting skit and a traditional West African drum group. </p><p>This summer, Boys Town North Florida will incorporate a performing arts theme into their summer recreation curriculum. Youth will partake in different activities including dance, music, acting, and other performing arts. The performers at the kick-off got the youth engaged and excited about their upcoming opportunities to participate in performing arts! </p><p><img src="/locations/north-florida/news-and-events/PublishingImages/NFL-Summer-Kick-Off.jpg" alt="Boys Town North Florida - Summer Kickoff" style="margin:5px;" /><br></p>2021-07-26T05:00:00ZNews<img alt="Boys Town North Florida - Summer Kickoff" src="/locations/north-florida/news-and-events/PublishingImages/NFL-Summer-Kick-Off2.jpg" style="BORDER:0px solid;" />text/html; charset=utf-8 NewsEvent